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it’s only a puppet

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Love it or hate it. There are things other than marmite that are that polarised. Like clowns for instance, aniseed balls, the Tory party…

… and puppets. Not the hand ones like the loveable Sooty but the ‘I’m trying to be human’ wooden ones that live on strings and bounce about in a freaky way.

I was never a fan of Thunderbirds. Pinocchio was never a real boy and quite frankly Terrahawks was Terrifying! And as for those goats in the Sound of Music. They looked slightly demonic even with their rosy cheeks and sugar sweet sountrack.

So the new ads for diet coke starring puppet personalities Eleanor, Bernadette and Irene have done absolutely nothing for me at all. Introduced last year they are about to hit our screens again, this time wielding a chain saw and a blow torch (all in the name of fashion of course).

I really don’t ‘love it’ but what I do like the look of is the Diet Coke Limited Edition Bottle Collection by Karl Lagerfeld which will be supporting the ‘fashion inspired’ campaign.


These will be available through selected retailers across Europe so will have to see if I can get hold of one myself.

In the mean time I’m going to take my own ‘diet coke’ break, forget about all those nasty puppets and reminisce about the good old days.


Royal Wediquette from Together

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Have you been lucky enough to bag an invite to the Royal Wedding? What if you get smashed on free Pimm’s and disgrace yourself in front of our Monarch?

Never fear, our cheeky Royal Wediquette guide for how to behave on the big day has all the answers…

(Don’t tell the Queen, do tell your chums).