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A Biscuit Miracle

Friday, July 29th, 2011

It has been graft, graft, graft just lately here at Together Land. But, by Jove, even our mountainous workload isn’t going to stop us from having a giggle.

Imagine our delight then, at brew time, when we discovered a biscuit that bore an uncanny resemblance to Sir Cliff of Richard.

Needless to say he remains undunked and will be tucked away amongst our Together treasures for generations to come. Or until we get peckish.

Can you make out the likeness? It is rather subtle.

The things we love – part 6: Breakfast at ‘Greggo’s’

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

100% wholewheat cereal with skimmed milk. Fresh fruit. Natural Porridge oats. Foul tasting ‘super yoghurt’.

All of these ‘sensible’ breakfast options will soon be cast aside in Together Towers if anyone even floats the possibilities of a Breakfast Run to Greggs – or ‘Greggo’s’ as it has become affectionately known in these parts.

Naturally this is not something we indulge in every day. If only we could.

But there is something incredibly satisfying about superbly greasy meat wrapped up in a pastry so fine it would, quite frankly, make a ball of nostril hair and goat spit taste exquisite. It’s a sensation that a slice of brown toast just doesn’t seem to match.

So, in our tribute to those bakery magicians at the mighty Greggs we are going to let them have our very own suggestions for revolutionary new recipes. If you’re reading this Greggo, you can have these with our heartiest blessings.

1. The Sausage Roll Sandwich – Take one butty. Put two sausage rolls in it. Close butty. Dip the entire thing in brown sauce.

2. PPP (Pizza in a Pie in a Pasty) – stuff a pizza into a pie and then stuff that into a pasty. Dip the entire thing in brown sauce. Twice.

3. Piebab – take one kebab skewer and place pork pies, blocks of strong cheese and tiny but powerful pickled onions on to it. No need to dip this in brown sauce. Branston’s pickle will suffice.

4. Cheese Shake – melt cheese into a mug, float some tiny onions in the broth and drink through a straw made from pastry. One for the vegetarians.

5. King of the Slices – Take pork, sausage meat, cheese, onion, chicken, mushroom, bacon and wrap it in pastry to form a slice as big as a car’s sunroof. Serve in a wheelbarrow (made from pastry).

We love you Greggo’s. My gosh, how we love you. Don’t ever leave us.