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Chatsworth named as England’s fastest growing attraction

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Our outdoor summer campaign for Chatsworth's hugely successful 2010

Hacking, Looting, Economic DOOM. The news is hardly a cheery affair these days. But one particularly happy story that popped up all over the news this week was the announcement that our chums at Chatsworth have come out on top as the fastest growing paid for attraction in England in 2010.

According to the Visit England Annual Visitor Attraction Survey, they experienced an enormous 9.7% increase in visitor numbers to more than 716,000.

Having worked closely alongside everyone at Chatsworth – since we first became their agency back in 2008 and  including when we produced their marketing campaign for their remarkably successful 2010 – we know just how much effort they put in to getting these great results and how much they deserve such a huge achievement.

Pats on the back all round, we say.

Rise of the Jellyfish

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011


According to the BBC, there are more and more jellyfish on our seaside.

Not wanting to leave our lovely blog readers exposed to potentially stingy sadness here are our top tips for staying unstung.


1. Jellyfish are repelled by the scent of beef. Smear your toes in Bovril before a paddle.

Aaaaahh, Beef!


2. Jellyfish are frightened by Bryan Ferry music. To them, ‘Slave to Love’  sounds just like a hungry Walrus.

Eeeek, Ferry!


3. Jellyfish can be soothed into a hypnotic state by tugging gently at their tiny eyebrows.


4. The sight of naked toes enrages the Jellyfish. Endure the mockery from fellow beach-users and wear paddling socks.

Grrrrr, Toes!


5. Jellyfish are attracted by joy. Only paddle when miserable or, at best, mildly disgruntled.


6. Eels are natural predators of the Jellyfish. Dress as a Conga, snorkel up and chase the gooey rascals from your shores.

Crikey, Eel!

7. Jellyfish are confused by good manners. As they approach, bid them good day and ask them kindly not to attack your shins. They’ll be baffled and skulk away in a wobbly sort of way.


8. Jellyfish love quiche. Make the shallows safe by scattering cheese and onion out at sea.

Mmmm, Quiche!


9. Jellyfish are uncomfortable with displays of affection. Hug them.


10. Jellyfish enjoy the films of Dolph Lungren. Put ‘Rocky IV’ on a canoe and push it out to sea.

'I Must Break You...'

Bang on!

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Sometimes a brand comes up with a campaign so utterly superb in every way that you are left with no choice but to fling your corned beef sandwich to the floor, rise to your feet and shout ‘hurrah’ at the naked bloody brilliance of it. (Sorry, but we’re just so blasted impressed.)

Direct your eyeballs at this classic piece of beery banter from Bombardier.

Bang On!

Up with thumbs

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

The Together team meeting, always a serious and business-like affair. Take yesterday’s for example – top of the agenda: ‘Who can draw the best picture of themselves on their own thumb?’.

As you can see the entries ranged from the sublime to the, quite frankly, downright awful.


But there was little dispute about the eventual winner – our very own chief Nick Honey. Purely for capturing his own incredible hair, the fellow thoroughly deserved his prize.


Nick, his Champion Thumb and his incredible prize

Looking at the pictures now, we can’t even tell which one is real Nick and which one is Thumb Nick.

Our new radio advert for Chatsworth

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

In amongst all the strange and frightening new pop music (we’re getting old) the radio airwaves are now buzzing with something a good deal lovelier – our latest summer radio advert for Chatsworth. With the help of some superb production from our chum Paul Lord and some impressive real life cow ‘moos’ we came up with the rather super recording you can now hear by clicking that clicky finger on this very spot, here.