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Surprising Sprouts

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

In the spirit of our Christmas Sprout Face challenge, here are some entirely true facts about the magnificent sprout.


The world’s biggest sprout was grown by a Mexican farmer in the Christmas of 1986. It was as big as a Gorilla’s head. The local villagers believed it was the God of Vegetables and named it El Veggio Divinio (literally translated as ‘the Vegetable that created the Universe’).


During the Second World War, an English RAF pilot got in the wrong plane and accidentally dropped 40,000 sprouts over a German military base. The entire German command based there evacuated the very next today. The incident is referred to by European historians as the ‘Night of the Green Rain’.


An amateur golfer in Japan once turned up for the Tokyo Open with no golf balls at all. Under strict club rules he was not allow to borrow any from other competitors. By astonishing chance he had with him a handful of sprouts, which he was permitted to use as golf ball substitutes. Sadly, his sprout totally disintegrated on his first tee shot and he was immediately disqualified.


In 1924 Olympic silver medal winning canoeist, Sterling Micklestone, became the first (and only man) to cross the English Channel in a boat made entirely from sprouts. He also constructed a special set of oars from carrots, parsnips and turnips. By the time he arrived in Calais, onlookers observed that his craft was under ‘a ferocious attack’ from hundreds of hungry seabirds.


So disgusted was King Henry VIII by the sprout that he ordered a law to be introduced whereby anyone caught eating the offensive veggie was stripped naked and painted entirely green. No one was ever convicted under this law, although it is widely reported that several ‘Secret Sprout Societies’ formed throughout the UK. Some historians speculate that these sinister vegetable brotherhoods still exist today.


In the 1700s, a much feared pirate operated off the Cornish coast who went by the name of ‘Sprout Eye Bill’. He earned his nickname after a particularly violent bout of scurvy caused his left eye to swell up to three times its normal size and turn entirely green. ‘Sprout Eye’ was sensitive about his affliction and was known to chop the toes off any man who stared too long as his bulbous green eyeball.

Behold, the Sprout of the People

Monday, December 19th, 2011

The Sprouts are in and we have been dazzled, delighted (and on occasion deeply disturbed) by the responses we’ve had.

As you know, in the new year we’ll be handing out the Sprout of Britain awards across a number of categories.

Amongst these will be the People’s Choice Sprout, where whichever sprout has most tickled the public’s festive fancies will be recognised with a sprouty prize.

To champion the Sproutish creation that you feel most deserves this award simply go to our Facebook Sprout Face Christmas Gallery album and ‘Like’ your favourite.

And if you’re a Sprouty creator who firmly believes your entry deserves this honour, then feel free to campaign amongst your chums to drum up support and get them to visit our page and vote for your Sprout.

If you can’t get onto Facebook simply send us an email to register your veggie vote. Plus if you can’t get on Facebook and need to take a peek at the contenders, visit the Sprout Face Gallery on our website.

Voting closes on Friday 6 January. So go on, speak up for your Sprout and spread that leafy love…

Winning a pitch for Bristol Zoo

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Monkeys, penguins, lizards… these are the things that occupy our minds most of the time here at Together.

So when the chance to pitch for the role of Bristol Zoo’s marketing agency came up, we dived into it like a penguin belly-sliding across the ice.

And we’re thrilled to say that they were so chuffed with what we showed them, they offered us the chance to come on board as their new marketing agency.

Cue big celebrations in the Together jungle.

Now, do you think they’ll let us borrow a Mountain Chicken (it’s a big frog)?

The Truth is Sprout There…

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Actually, the truth is right here – if by truth you mean the story of this years’ Sprightly and Sproutly Christmas card from Together.

What we’ve done is send out to our very best chums in all the word a tiny package containing:

1. A single run-of-the-mill sprout

2. The tools and inspiration you need to transform him into a veggie icon

3. Big and powerful festive hugs.

If you’ve received such a package, it’s then your challenge to create your very own sproutish character.

You can use the stickers we’ve provided, or you can quite simply go nuts and let your imaginations tickle that humble sprout into a whole new astounding existence.

Then simply snap a picture of your creation and upload him to (don’t forget to give the young fellow a name).

We’ll not only proudly display him in our Sprout album on Facebook we’ll also place him into our special Sprout Gallery on the Together website too. Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and Twitter pages (as well as the website) to see the new Sprouts being added.


Sprout of Britain
Best of all, when the new year rolls around we’ll be trawling through the entries and handing out sprout-themed prizes for the sprouts that have dazzled and dizzied us in equal measure as part of the first ever Together Sprout of Britain Awards.

(And believe us, we’ll be handing out the kind of prizes that even the little toe-rag from the John Lewis advert would want to keep hold of – with everything from Sprouty games and goodies to our grand prize of an organic Sprout watch.)

So, if you’ve received a sprout, do the decent thing and let him experience the wonders of facial features, immense facial hair and possibly even a rather jaunty piece of headgear.

After all, think of the pleasure this ‘delicious’ green fellow has given to ‘millions’ of Christmas dinner eaters all across the world. Surely he deserves his moment to shine?

Also, if you haven’t received a Sprout kit but fancy getting involved than drop us an email at and we’ll be delighted to send you a pack so you can join the leafy adventures.

We look forward to seeing your Sprouty creations in the next few weeks. Until then, in the words of that true Christmas saviour, Sir Cliff Richard: ‘let’s get smashed and have a blinder’.

p.s. If you happen to have been on holiday and return to find a three week old sprout on your desk, all we can say is ‘oops’. Feel free to send us some out-of-date yoghurt or a bad potato as retribution.