Behold, the Sprout of the People

December 19th, 2011 / Together

The Sprouts are in and we have been dazzled, delighted (and on occasion deeply disturbed) by the responses we’ve had.

As you know, in the new year we’ll be handing out the Sprout of Britain awards across a number of categories.

Amongst these will be the People’s Choice Sprout, where whichever sprout has most tickled the public’s festive fancies will be recognised with a sprouty prize.

To champion the Sproutish creation that you feel most deserves this award simply go to our Facebook Sprout Face Christmas Gallery album and ‘Like’ your favourite.

And if you’re a Sprouty creator who firmly believes your entry deserves this honour, then feel free to campaign amongst your chums to drum up support and get them to visit our page and vote for your Sprout.

If you can’t get onto Facebook simply send us an email to register your veggie vote. Plus if you can’t get on Facebook and need to take a peek at the contenders, visit the Sprout Face Gallery on our website.

Voting closes on Friday 6 January. So go on, speak up for your Sprout and spread that leafy love…

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