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Designer John’s Free Typing Corner: Part 1. Oh BOY!

Monday, July 30th, 2012

‘Free Typing’ (usually sang to the tune of ‘Free Falling’ by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) – a term that describes when one who is not competent with words and letters is allowed to type rather than simply ‘cut and paste’ from a Word document.

These keyboard rapscallions then ‘freestyle’ a little bit like jazz artists who ad-lib and ‘free-flow’, taking their listener on an ‘exciting’ (i.e. terrifying) journey.

It can work wonderfully in jazz, but unfortunately in the design and marketing business it can be both embarrassing and sometimes thoroughly disastrous.

Check out the re-launched fashion brand BOY’s spelling accident on their clothes tag – boldly printed in silver foil no less.












Anyone familiar with the work of ‘The Per Shop Boys’? – you know, those guys who wrote ‘Rest End Curls’.

Free Typing is a crime. People get hurt.

Together and Hallmark working alongside UNICEF UK

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Another big new job for the hardworking chaps at Together? Surely not.

That’s right, the Together team has done it again (and don’t call us Shirley, chortle). We have, in fact,  just landed a thoroughly enjoyable new role, proudly working alongside our chums at Hallmark Consumer Services to deliver the Christmas gift and card brochure for UNICEF UK.

The Christmas gift catalogue is the first in a series of print and online projects we hope to be working alongside Hallmark in delivering – so, as ever, keep your eyes firmly strapped to the blog for further news of our upcoming campaigns.

And as well as being an entirely fulfilling and rewarding job to work on, it’s only gone and put us well and truly in the Christmas spirit, some 5 months before the big day. Ho, ho, and ho.

Finding Wee Mo – a sporty challenge from Team Together

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Tiny, little long-distance rascal Wee Mo has the hit the tracks and disappeared.

Now he’s popping up all over the place, and if you send us your images of where you spot him you could win a rather cheeky little prize.

All you have to do is head over to our Facebook page and download and print your own Wee Mo character.

Then simply take a snap of him somewhere funny and unusual and upload it to our gallery, for your chance to win Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes.

Take a peek at where he’s popped up so far and download your own Wee Mo. Click away.

Why Batman is better than the Olympics

Thursday, July 19th, 2012


Not since Designer John grew a big, grey (though strangely alluring) beard has Together Land been quite so excited.

No, not because ‘The Games That Must Not Be Named’ are bumbling anxiously to their opening ceremony, but because the new Batman film is finally here.

So, like the true and unabashed nerds we are, we compiled a little list of all the reasons we could think of why Batman is much better than (whisper it) the Olympics…

 1. He doesn’t need security. He is security.

2. When he’s in the Batmobile he still lets everyone else use the road.

3. He doesn’t do it for the medals. He does it for justice.

4. His crime fighting isn’t sponsored by McDonalds.

5. When he runs 100 meters, he’ll punch at least 30 villains along the way.

6. If Batman saw you running through the streets armed with fire, he’d take you out.

7. Batman’s sidekick is Robin. The Olympic sidekick is Boris.

8. Batman is fuelled by a complex psychological compulsion to protect the innocent. Not Lucozade.

 9. Batman wouldn’t jump a hurdle. He’d fight it.

 10. Batman doesn’t break records. He breaks bones (not his).

Winning our pitch for Marmalade

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

We like pitches. We like getting tucked into a juicy creative challenge and churning up shiny new ideas for potential new chums.

So when the pitch invitation came in to become the dedicated agency for Marmalade – the insurance specialists for young drivers – naturally we attacked it like a hungry wasp attacks a sticky cake.

And, happily, it turns out that the work we did was more than enough to persuade our new Marmalade chums that we were the right choice for them.

Exciting new bits of Marmalade work will be emerging from Together Towers in the coming weeks and months so without wishing to be ‘punny’ do keep your eyes, ahem, ‘peeled’.