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Our Super Secret Christmas Competition

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever seen?

A badger punching an otter in the face?

A crisp as big as a wheelie bin?

The bit in Predator where Arnie says, ‘if it bleeds, we can kiiiiiiiiilll it’?

All thoroughly exciting moments, but they are absolutely NOTHING compared to what we’ve got coming up.

For Christmas we are launching a competition so thrilling, that as we type we are weeping enormous tears of anticipation.

You need to keep your peepers fully peeled and prepared on our Facebook page ( and also on our Twitter thingy (@Togetheragency) to find out what is happening and when it all kicks off.

Unlike all the bits in Predator 2, you DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS. But just in case you need more persuading…