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The Together Twelve – our top tips from 2012

Friday, December 21st, 2012

‘Tis the end of the year chums, and here at Together Agency we have compiled a list of the incredibly important lessons we have learnt over the year of 2012.

It’s partly for you enjoyment, it mostly as a great big ‘in your face’ to the Mayans. We’re still here you Mayan rascals. Idiots.

Lesson 1.

Designer John’s beard is better than all of Jeff Goldblum’s films. Except Jurassic Park. And Independence Day.


Lesson 2.

It is neither possible, nor sensible, to eat three Jammie Dodgers at once.


Lesson 3.

We once saw a pigeon be sick on another pigeon and then try to eat him. There must be a lesson in there somewhere.


Lesson 4.

You know you are living in an unfair world when there will be nine Star Wars films and only two Poseidon Adventures.


Lesson 5.

If you know nothing about Olympic Judo, do not bet on the outcome of Olympic Judo.


Lesson 6.

There is no maximum number of cheeses you can have on a single sandwich, although a rough guide would probably be six.


Lesson 7.

The greatest practical joke you can ever play is stealthily opening someone’s bag of crisps, emptying the contents, replacing it with an entirely different kind of crisp and then resealing it. Blows. Their. Mind.


Lesson 8.

Every agency needs a catchphrase. Ours is: ‘If you touch the biscuit, you eat the biscuit.’


Lesson 9.

Pork scratchings and a pint of Brew Dog are two of your five a day. Maybe.


Lesson 10.

Never try and build a friend out of Toblerone. And certainly never give your Toblerone friend a name (like, say, Sebastian Racksaddle). It makes it so much harder when you have to eat him.


Lesson 11.

If something smells like soup, that thing will undoubtedly be good.


Lesson 12.

If you find yourself at a loss, ask yourself this: ‘What would Wesley Snipes do?’


That is our wisdom, as it were.

Have a magnificent Christmas and a truly splendid New Year from all your chums at Together.

The fun stops here – The ‘Up My Jumper’ challenge is over

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Our ‘What’s up My Jumper?’ sneaky Santa challenge is all over (sob). But by golly we went out with a bang – giving away the mega star prize on our final day.

And that’s it. No more skinny Santa. No more superb festive prizes. It’s a sad day.

And just to rub it in, here’s a quick run down of the lucky rapscallions who each bagged a prize throughout the challenge…

The splendid Steph Tilley who won a couple of Panto Tickets.

The fabulous Paula Kelsey who won (and then donated to a children’s charity) a massive Christmas Turkey.

The magnificent Shayne Rice who won a rather ill-fitting Onesie.

The incredible Nicholas Cuthbert who wangled himself a Board Game.

The delightful Diane Brown who won a cuddly (and, frankly enormous) Penguin. (We named him Chris Waddle and loved him more than we love each other.)

The superb Bea Grist who won a (very posh) Christmas Candle.

The excellent Zoe Critchley who won herself a cheeky bottle of Advocaat.

The outstanding (and remarkably persistent) Kirsty Walker who won a Christmas Jumper.

The awesome Glenn Millington who (much to his delight) bagged a Cheese Board.

The lovely Emily Shaw who won herself a collection of Christmas DVDs.

The Lord of the Rings, Dance and Flies, the magical Ishbel MacLeod who won a big jar of Sweets.

AND the massively jammy (and rather nice) Antonia Shakespeare who won the STAR PRIZE of a Kindle.

We want to say thank you so much for taking part in our cheeky Christmas competition, it’s been more popular than we ever imagined.

Also, a massive thank you to our pals at Fat Free Media, who made our superb sneaky Santa films for us. Nuts to The Hobbit, these were the best films of the year.

And we also want to Purely Digital for doing such a fantastic job of printing the Christmas card.

It’s been more fun than throwing snowballs at a cow. (Please do not throw snowballs at a cow. It is very wrong).

Keep your eyes peeled for more Together Agency shenanigans next year and we wish you all an incredibly merry Christmas and a marvellous new year.

The books we did for the NTU Art & Design School

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

If the Together Agency were faced with an attack by a Great White Shark with a Grizzly Bear riding on its back, we would take that rascal down like Mansfield Town.

The point we’re making is that, ‘we ain’t afraid of no monsters’.

So when the frankly enormous (yet very, very exciting) task of producing the prestigious course books for our chums at the Nottingham Trent University (NTU) School of Art & Design we leapt at the chance.

NTU has one of the very best reputations in the country for creativity and superb design, so we knew we had to make the books really stand out in an incredibly crowded market place and truly reflect the excellence of the NTU offering.

With our marvellous Head of Creative, Natalie, leading the way, we powered through the project and the end results are, in our own humble opinion, marvellous.

It’s been a remarkably busy year here in Together Towers, but this piece of work is one that we are especially proud of.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, there’s a Bear-Shark we need to go and punch.

Up the jumper of our Christmas challenge

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Keep the change you filthy animal.

Ho Ho Ho. And another Ho. That’s right, four Hos, that’s just how jolly we are this Christmas.

And why so jolly? Mostly because our ‘What’s Up My Jumper?’ daily Facebook Santa’s challenge is up and running.

For those of you who have been living inside a tiny cave in a hollowed out snowman (you know who you are) our ‘Up my jumper’ challenge is our little Christmas game in which people visit our Facebook page to view a little video of our sneaky Santa.

The video is a clue as to what the big jolly rascal is hiding up his jumper. Email us in with your guess at and if you get it right you could win whatever treat he was hiding.

It’s simple, fun and has really taken off.

We like to do something a little bit different with our Christmas card each year, and the 2012 version is our favourite one yet.

And as well as the social media and video element, the whole campaign was anchored by a particularly beautiful printed card produced by our marvellous pals at Purely Digital. They are so excellent, if they were a Christmas film they’d probably be ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’.

So, if you ever hear someone say that printed media is dead, punch them in the face with a reindeer antler. Actually, don’t do that. Antler punching is so very wrong and we could not possibly condone it.

So please do get involved with our ‘What’s Up My Jumper?’ Santa challenge. It will be running until Wednesday 19 December and there are plenty more excellent prizes up for grabs.
We’ve already given out a pair of panto tickets, a Christmas turkey, a cheeky reindeer onesie and a board game. AND on the very last day we will be giving away the super star prize.



Have a pop, tell your chums and see if you can guess what sneaky Santa has stashed up his jumper on our Facebook page.


What’s Up My Jumper – the rules

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

If you’re getting stuck into our What’s Up Santa’s Jumper comeptition ver on our Facebook page, hurrah, good for you.

If you’re not, Predator will eat your bones, we told you that.

Here are the rather nifty terms and conditions of the competition – have a gander at them.

Serious Santa (terms, conditions and other proper stuff like that)
1. All entrants must be 18 or over and a permanent resident of the UK.
2. All correct entries will go into a prize draw and a winner will be selected at random in the morning of the next day by an independent judge.
3. We will not accept entries through any means other than leaving comments beneath the video on our Facebook page.
4. Our decision is final.
5. Winners will be announced on Facebook and asked to email us at to supply their address for us to post their prize. Please allow 10 days for delivery.
6. Prizes are non transferrable and there are no cash alternatives.
7. All entries for each day’s competition must be received and be visible on Facebook by 11.59pm of that day.
8. Competition ends midnight Wednesday 19th December 2012.
9. A full list of prize winners will be available from the Together Agency (if you ask nicely).

10. The promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

11. Anyone who eats all the toffees from the Christmas tin of Quality Streets will be beaten to death with a giant Toblerone.

12. Ho.
13. Ho.
14. Ho.


That’s it. Now, take yourself over to our Facebook page to have a crack at guessing what sneaky Santa is hiding.