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Design of the Week: Finch and Hare greeting cards

Friday, December 6th, 2013


Being a designer I often give Christmas cards a miss because I can never find one that I think is different or creative enough (plus my mates have unrealistic expectations of me!).

Of course I could always get off the sofa and conjure up something myself but with a small child to sort out and the ever filling up HD box (new season of The Walking Dead!) I don’t feel compelled or inspired enough to be bothered to do this.

Then I came across these marvellously cheeky and clever cards from a seller on Etsy called Finch and Hare.




And now Christmas is sorted (if I can be bothered to write them or post them that is!)

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The advent calendar we made for the National Trust

Monday, December 2nd, 2013


Christmas is here. The streets smell like goodwill and celebrity autobiographies. And we’ve just completed a very festive job for our good pals at the National trust. It’s their online advent calendar with all kinds of Trust treats hiding behind the windows.

Nobody bought an advent calendar for our designer Al this year (maybe because he smells like teaspoons and regret) so he’s absolutely delighted that he can play with this one.

Take a look for yourself here.