Brand development

CARE Fertility

Brand development

Working with CARE Fertility, there was something we noticed — almost every fertility-related brand communicated what they did in the same way, using similar images, messaging, and even colour palettes.

CARE were keen for a fresh approach so, starting with a brand workshop with key CARE team members, we began to reconstruct the brand. We explored what the people behind CARE Fertility wanted the brand to stand for, settled on key brand truths and values, and considered how best to show CARE’s distinction from its competitors.

With these insights wrote a new brand proposition, essence, positioning statement, and values, establishing CARE as a passionately research-focused group driven by a core belief in family. From this we compiled a full, fresh set of brand guidelines with a unique visual style and warm tone of voice — most significantly, we moved the brand away from images of babies to focus on aspirational lifestyle photography.

These guidelines are now the foundation of all CARE’s marketing materials, helping them to stand out in a hugely competitive market and reach more patients than ever before.

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