Social media strategy & management

Nottingham Building Society

Social media strategy & management

Typically, the image of building societies isn’t a particularly creative one; finances are seen as practical, rather than fun. For Nottingham Building Society, however, we’ve changed all that.

We used interesting and engaging Facebook campaigns to slowly introduce products and support the building society’s brand. Our themed Facebook campaigns – Sunny Day Saving, Keys to Your Castle and Seasons Treatings – revolved around the key product areas of saving and mortgages, and were designed to increase engagement and encourage product enquiries.

We supported our campaigns with microsites, infographics and video testimonials, and the videos were so popular they’re now used throughout Nottingham Building Society’s communications.

Ultimately, our campaigns proved really successful. In fact, we found that many of the Facebook followers who engaged with our content went on to enquire about mortgage and savings products.

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