All About Us

By being constantly curious, by asking the right questions and by working with some of the best creative talent, we’ve been delivering great results since 2006.

We focus on four specialist business areas: digital, social, FMCG and brand. At the heart of all this is our Creative Hub, and we draw from our team on a case-by-case basis to assemble exactly the right experts for your project.

When you work with Together we’ll start by getting down to the roots of what makes your business, and your consumers, tick. Our team is passionate about innovating, so we use our insights to create smart solutions that say something new.

And we’re not afraid to offer a little tough love — we operate with openness and honesty, and if we think there’s something that needs attention, we’ll let you know.

Find out more about what we do by browsing our work or, if you like our style, get in touch.

Our four business areas…


Some sectors we have experience in…

Travel and leisure

About the Team

Cumulatively, our team has over 160 years’ marketing experience.

100% of the team agrees Comic Sans should be outlawed.

If the two halves of our logo touch the universe will implode.

We’re inquisitive souls and are always asking ‘why?’

Our copywriter’s favourite word is ‘guacamole’.

On our personal accounts, we’ve tweeted over 15,000 times.

Where we do what we do

Lord Byron and DH Lawrence both came from Nottingham.

Our HQ in Nottingham is an interactive space packed with tools to support creative thinking and collaboration. And it’s not just for us, but for our clients too.

See how your website looks in our Web Testing Centre or review social platforms in our Social Media Pod. Our glass-walled boardroom also doubles up as a focus group facility, and you can see how your campaign looks on the shelf in our Mini Mock Shop.

HQ is the creative centre for everything we do. See it for yourself.

Nottingham’s home to the only cultural video games centre.

Nottingham brought the world Paul Smith, Boots and HP Sauce.

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