Brand refresh

William Davis

Brand refresh

William Davis is one of our longest‐standing clients, and over the years we’ve helped the team out with everything from press ads to social media.

In 2015, however, we began to think together about the bigger picture for the brand. While the website had served its purpose well it was beginning to look a little dated, and as we explored the work of competitors we saw that there were multiple ways we could help William Davis further improve their overall customer experience.

So, we decided to completely revisit the William Davis branding. By introducing fresh, minimalist designs, directing some beautiful lifestyle magazine‐inspired photography, and reinvigorating the copy, we helped William Davis to better communicate their family and quality values.

Rolled out across their website, literature, signage and even their showrooms, this branding truly sets William Davis apart from their competitors.

Brand refresh - Image 1Brand refresh - Image 2Brand refresh - Image 3