Pukka Pies


To coincide with the latest Pukka Pies campaign and rebrand, we designed and built their new website.

Before we got our hands on it, Pukka’s site looked a little tired. The brand hadn’t previously had the time or resources to dedicate to the site, and as a result the content was muddled and in some cases out of date, while the design and tone failed to reflect the bold character of the brand.

Using Pukka’s revamped brand look and feel as a starting point, we created fresh designs that oozed personality. By introducing simple, easy-to-use navigation, clear content, and attention-grabbing designs, in the new site we make an engaging user experience the top priority. Hero images and bold colours from their palette bring their new and improved products to life, while relaxed and friendly copy gives the Pukka brand a voice of its own.

Our site also includes a separate Trade section. The section allows Pukka to tailor relevant messaging to this audience and consolidates all of the trade information scattered across the previous site into one, easy-to-find area — improving the digital experience for their customers.

Initial results have been extremely promising; in the week following launch, website visits increased by 3,000% to an average of 6,200 per day.

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Visit the website and take a look.

Website - Image 1Website - Image 2