Everyone uses social media. But our specialist social teamnever shut up about it.

Headed up by Anna Corbett, who has spent years both client-side and in-agency asa social media manager, our social team works with brands ranging from householdnames to local businesses.

Within Together we have a specialist social media team dedicated to supportingour clients investing in social. Our head of social, Anna Corbett, was recruitedfrom a client side social media role where she was looking after a 1m+ communityfor a leading travel brand. Since then the team has more than doubled in sizeand we now look after a whole range of clients needs. Our agency approach isto be creative, strategic, and collaborative. If you work with us we’ll use ourin-depth knowledge and the support of our creative team to develop an innovativeand engaging social strategy that perfectly represents your brand and, just asimportantly, gets clear results.

And speaking of results, we think setting objectives and intelligent reporting isabsolutely key to good social. We’ll closely monitor and reflect on channelperformance, platform insights, competitor activity, buzz monitoring,sentiment, and actions so that we can evolve your social strategy as we go.

Most of our clients come to us for full social media management including strategy,content planning, content creation, scheduling, community management, advertisingand reporting, but if you’re after something specific you’re free to pick and choose.We can even help you figure out what you need if you’re not sure.

You can find out more about what we do on this page or, if you’d like to go rightahead and talk to our social media manager, contact us.

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